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UVC Accessories

UVC Accessories

Make sure ALL the parts say Steril-Aire.

Steril-Aire offers a wide range of supplementary products to enhance proper installation and operation of our manufactured products. Examples of these products include: viewports, interlock switch kits, radiometer, wiring kits, cleaning kits, and a wide assortment of framing and mounting components.

Steril-Aire also offers the widest array of replacement UVC Emitter® germicidal lamps.  We also offer sleeved UVC Emitter lamps for specialty applications. For ultimate germicidal protection and performance, there’s no substitute for genuine Steril-Aire replacement lamps.

Genuine Steril-Aire replacement lamps and accessories are readily available from Steril-Aire headquarters by calling 1-800-278-3745 or by contacting your local authorized distributor.

Phone AU: 1300 781 128 or
Phone NZ: 1800 004 882
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