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Airports & Museums

Steril-Aire delivers high output ultraviolet germicidal solutions, backed by science, for airports and museums.

Steril-Aire UVC helps airports reach new heights.
Air quality management in airports is as challenging and complex as air traffic control. After all, over one billion passengers per year travel by air. Airport terminals are confined spaces, and HVAC systems with biofilm fouling can amplify and circulate airborne bacteria, mold and viruses. Skyrocketing energy costs and international requirements to shrink carbon footprints place additional pressures on the industry.

Steril-Aire UVC helps museums protect priceless collections.
Museums, libraries and archives are in a daily fight against indoor air pollutants like mold. Microorganisms can permanently damage and weaken the strength of textiles and paper. As a by-product, fungi can produce organic acids that corrode and etch inorganic materials.  

Steril-Aire UVC delivers continuous, non-chemical HVAC surface and airstream decontamination, reducing airborne mold and bacteria before they are circulated throughout your facility. Steril-Aire UVC makes a vital contribution to improved indoor air quality (IAQ), safeguarding priceless collections and building occupants.

Only Steril-Aire UVC solutions deliver:

  • Improved HVAC environmental hygiene
  • Reduction of HVAC airborne biological agents that can affect occupants and collections
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Optimized HVAC efficiency and performance
  • Reduced energy and operating costs
  • A rapid return on investment

When you keep your HVAC and air handling systems free of biofilm, you keep indoor air quality (IAQ) and customer satisfaction high and your operational and energy costs low. Steril-Aire can design an HVAC environmental control solution to fit your specific needs. For more informationContact us or call 1-818-565-1128 today!

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