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Green Thumb Case Study on Steril-Aire UVC Sterilisation of HVAC systems

Ultra-violet sterilisation – The shining light for air-conditioner cost savings

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) systems are ducted air-conditioners for large buildings such as office blocks, shopping centres and apartments.
HVAC typically accounts for more than half of a building’s electricity consumption, even when operating at peak efficiency.

The warm, moist environment in a HVAC system accumulates dirt, mould and bacteria (biofilm) as part of normal operations. This reduces the efficiency of the system, resulting in even higher running costs, reduced equipment life and lower indoor air quality.

Ultra Violet C (UVC) sterilisation systems specifically designed and developed to operate in cold moving air restore and maintain HVAC performance by keeping the cooling coils, drain pans and plenum walls perpetually clean.

This case study summaries the outcomes achieved through the installation of Ultra Violet C (UVC) sterilisation systems at Cairns Regional Council’s Spence Street Office.

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